Dramatic Production

I have a simple life philosophy now, one I test regularly to make sure I am on track with the type of life I want to create and maintain for myself. I tell myself about my life, like a narrator telling a story, I go through the details of mine and my test is quite simple: if at any point the story sounds like a dramatic production, complete with poster and tagline, I am off course.

I have found (through heartbreak, frustration and many tears) that the moment I find myself reciting a story that sounds like an episode off Jerry Springer, I am not living a life of promise, a life that will lead me to a place of gratitude and self realisation. I had to change direction. It was not easy and a few times I nearly returned to my starring role. I had to leave people I loved and cut ties with friendships that were meaningful. But the cost was small in comparison to the life that awaited me.

I think everyone has a few Springer episodes in their life, it is part of our journey of self discovery, but it shouldn’t become a place of permanent stay. Such situations will suck you dry emotionally and leave you in a wasteland where you no longer know yourself.

So try me, tell yourself your story, the play in which you now feature as one of the main characters. Tell it honestly, without embellishment or half-truths.

Tell it because you owe it to yourself.


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