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Hiraeth Phoenix – the novel free on Amazon for two days

Dear readers, as a token of appreciation for your support, my debut novel “Hiraeth Phoenix” is now available for free on Amazon for the next two days. Most of the writing featured here on this blog was part of the process of developing the book. Please support my work by leaving a review on Amazon and inviting your friends to read the novel and like my page.

Paulo Coelho & clues

“You live in an emotional world I can never begin to understand. I packed up an entire box of your inspirational quotations when I moved. They were stuck on the fridge, in the bathroom. I still have them and once in my drunkenness read each one aloud. I read every Paulo Coelho novel after you left, looking for clues, clues to understand what you were looking for, what we had missed.”
Excerpt From: Hiraeth, “Hiraeth Phoenix” the novel.


“He was far more handsome in person. His blue eyes carved into my soul and his strong physique left me wanting to melt into him. His ragged hands were animated as he spoke about himself and the way he casually lit a cigarette while quoting Paulo Coelho left me liquid. We walked on the beach for miles on end, just talking, just being. He took some photos of me walking in the water, carefree with the sunset grinning in the sky. Soul photos. He said I was beautiful and for that short time together, I believed it.”

Excerpt From: Hiraeth. “Hiraeth Phoenix.”

On weddings

“There is something sacred about sharing your wedding day with your friends and family. Only later when I attended a friend’s wedding on my own, freshly single, did I realise this. It struck me as we all surrounded the newly wed couple and released butterflies in the air. You become a witness to a couple’s commitment to each other. You become a person who can remind them of that commitment when times are rough. We could have done with a whole lot more witnesses.”

Excerpt From: Hiraeth. “Hiraeth Phoenix.”

The awkward years

“Your popularity served me very well. For most of high school I felt awkward, completely out of place. You became my security object. With you by my side, I actually felt like I belonged. In new social situations I would whimper in your shadow and wait for you to make conversation. I was never good about talking about diddles and daddles. The weather? I honestly don’t care. It’s hot, this goddamn place is always hot. A psychologist who once did a personality test on me remarked that I don’t suffer fools gladly. And I don’t.”

Excerpt From: Hiraeth. “Hiraeth Phoenix.”