Rip tide

Across this ocean,
Depths divide
Unknown parts
You choose to hide.
I send an SOS
But you miss the key
I wake one day
Determined to fly free.
You stand in shock
You were everything,
My rock
And the arrogance engulfs us,
A rip tide, its currents strong
We swim with it and
In time admit we were wrong.

Copyright Hiraeth 2015
PAD Challenge 2015 Day 25:
For today’s prompt, write an across the sea poem. This could be a love letter, an electronic submission through cyber space and time, or a travel poem (by air or sea, though probably not car). Modern travel or back in the days of rugged explorers. Wandering or wondering, your choice. As always, the prompt is just the springboard to your poem; feel free to bend and break.