Love as matter

Imagine a day where Science proves
that love occupies space and has mass, then it would consist of billions of atoms, each one with structure:
the nucleus, where it all starts with protons and neutrons dancing in ecstasy, capturing the chemistry that first notices, then binds, soon settling into a comfortable harmony, bliss;
surrounded by a cloud of orbiting electrons, acting as guardians, protecting this sacred new entity.
I would like to think with such understanding our reality could have been prevented:
the electrons discharged, settled in security, the protons morphed into photons and the neutrons?
They collapsed in apathy.

Copyright Hiraeth 2015
PAD Challenge Day 28:
Here’s the final “Two for Tuesday” prompt of the month:
Write a matter poem. Matter is what things are made of.
Write an anti-matter poem. The opposite of a matter poem.