PhD in Us

I am an authority,
Expert on what went wrong
With us,
I have spent
Carefully analysing,
Inducing what-ifs;
I could write a thesis
Listing our faults alphabetically,
With evidence substantiating
Each claim.
What you did not do,
What I failed to notice,
What you did not say,
What I failed to choose.
And when I put it all together
Sums simply to this:
Be present

Copyright Hiraeth 2015
PAD Challenge 2015 Day 19:
For today’s prompt, write an authority poem. Maybe you are an authority on something or know someone who is (or who thinks he or she is). Maybe you respect authority, or maybe not so much. Maybe you are on the run from the authorities, in which case I can only say good luck, but this blog probably isn’t the best hiding place–especially with so many folks poeming away.