Two worlds collide

The other world in which I live:
exact, precise, defined, structured
with the most breathtaking shape
and form only a few ever dare to see,
there is no room for emotion;
creativity and thought collide to produce reason,
beauty, in its purest form.
When I was young I cursed the two worlds,
convinced I could never integrate both,
sometimes longing
for the artistic one;
but now I see
without either my soul
could not breathe, survive

Copyright Hiraeth 2015
PAD Challenge 2015 Day 9:
For today’s prompt, write a work poem. For some folks, writing is work (great, huh?). For others, work is teaching, engineering, or delivering pizzas. Still others, dream of having work to help them pay the bills or go to all ages shows. Some don’t want work, don’t need work, and are glad to be free of the rat race. There are people who work out, work on problems, and well, I’ll let you work out how to handle your poem today.