How it ended

Boxes, packed and labeled
one by one,
(marked “fragile”, destination: none).
Cutlery, sorted and divided
two by two,
(how many meals I cooked for you).
Coffee mugs, bold and blue
none for him, three for you
(this, this is what you do).
Photos, start to end
Year by year
(captured, I held you dear)
Apartment, sold and empty
day by day
(at least at profit
you would say).
Our foolproof plans,
exposed as a lie
and you, you claim
all you did was try.
Bags, packed and loaded
one by one,
two by two,
go now,
maybe he
is the one
for you.

PAD Challenge 2015 day 4:
For today’s prompt, write a departure poem. Many people depart to school and/or work every day, and they depart on a plane, train, or automobile–some even walk or ride a bike. Of course, that’s keeping things rather physical; there are also emotional and psychological departures. You may even decide to make a departure from your normal writing style in tone or structure today.