Somebody noticed



On weddings

“There is something sacred about sharing your wedding day with your friends and family. Only later when I attended a friend’s wedding on my own, freshly single, did I realise this. It struck me as we all surrounded the newly wed couple and released butterflies in the air. You become a witness to a couple’s commitment to each other. You become a person who can remind them of that commitment when times are rough. We could have done with a whole lot more witnesses.”

Excerpt From: Hiraeth. “Hiraeth Phoenix.”

Somebody noticed

And before we end this,
Before we each walk in our own direction,
Before we tread with fear into the future
(And there is one for each of us,
Bright as we may choose)
I want you to know,
I want you to know what I should have said, what was in my heart covered in anger, fear and neglect,
What was there, but you refused to see,
(And I carry this cross of blame alone)
All I ever wanted,
Ached for,
Was no one else:
But you.
But you,
You refused to see,
Until one day
Somebody did.
Copyright Hiraeth 2014


If I witness you
In the spaces of what is here
Silently treading fear
Silently drawing near
If I forgive you
In the crevices of what is past
Silently treading fear
Silently drawing near
If I remind you
In the moments of what is now
Silently treading fear
Silently drawing near
If I love you
In the seconds of what is time
And stands still here:
Silently treading fear
Forever drawing near.

Copyright © 2014 by Hiraeth