Black Beauty (this too shall pass)




The sea is angry today,
Waves leap wildly to shore,
Playing tug of war
With the wind
(who has retreated in fear).
A mass of deep dark blue,
Bordering on black,
It revels in its depression
While a grey sky observes in
(it knows
that this too shall pass).
And as somber as it seems
It is beauty to my soul
And a reminder
That light cannot exist
In the absence of darkness.

Copyright Hiraeth 2015
PAD Challenge Day 15:
For today’s prompt, pick an adjective, make it the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. If you’re feeling stuck on this one, go back through your poems earlier this month and find adjectives you used–if any. Or crack open a dictionary. Or scan other poems for ideas.


“We have coffee at his flat and with the aroma of caffeine, sea and cigarette smoke, I tell him my story, no embellishment, no minimizing, just how it was. He doesn’t flinch, doesn’t lose eye contact, just listens. And after I finish reciting an entire list of why he shouldn’t date me, including that I won’t fit in with his friends, I am emotionally broken and very, very complicated with many compulsive habits (I check my Ghd is off four times before leaving for work), he turns to me and says “do you hear the waves?” and suddenly, I do.”

Copyright HiraethPhoenix 2014

Then there was you

Then there was you,
You with your ragged smile
And sun and surf and youth
You with your live in the moment
All there is is now:
You let me in, you carved a home
Of love and earth and sky
Of summer skin and nights within
A home beneath the stars.
Then there was you,
You with your ocean eyes
And wind and waves and dare
You have my heart,
My truth in this:
Of love and earth and sky
Your childlike faith,
Your morning kiss of
All there is is this;
All that matters is here;
All I want is now with you
Of love and earth and sky
Forever blessed,
I turn to rest, grateful that
There was you.

Copyright © 2014 by Hiraeth