I belonged

I think
You are the closest I have come
To someone who really loved me
For who I am.
Except when it suited you,
You preyed on it,
Used it to manipulate, hurt, abuse.
I am not sure I will ever heal
There are times when my soul
Remembers that love,
Hums the melody it used to know,
It yearns for a semblance of it.
It does not remember the
Rollercoaster ride
That is you,
The drama and anger,
Threats on cue.
Instead it recalls a place,
Away from all of it,
The race,
Where for a very short time
I felt like I

Copyright Hiraeth


Sea Of Self

I will run along the beach
To find you,
Waves caressing my ankles:
Teasing me, beckoning me
To be free,
To find you,
To touch your sacred soul.
As I breathe, I empty
All fear and reach a rhythm:
Until I see you,
Until we meet,
Until I have words for you.
In the sea of your eyes
I lose myself,
Find my self,
Learn to love
My self.
I will run along the beach
To find you,
Waves caressing my ankles
Teasing me,
To be free,
To find you,
To touch you.

Copyright Hiraeth 2015


“He was far more handsome in person. His blue eyes carved into my soul and his strong physique left me wanting to melt into him. His ragged hands were animated as he spoke about himself and the way he casually lit a cigarette while quoting Paulo Coelho left me liquid. We walked on the beach for miles on end, just talking, just being. He took some photos of me walking in the water, carefree with the sunset grinning in the sky. Soul photos. He said I was beautiful and for that short time together, I believed it.”

Excerpt From: Hiraeth. “Hiraeth Phoenix.”