“Let’s just stay here, frozen in time. We will be each other’s comfort, the old pair of slippers that perfectly mould to your feet, the duvet you have since adolescence, stained by the memories of raging hormones. The sound of Bruce Springsteen mixed with the aroma of caffeine early in the morning.

I can’t stand change, I see no need for it. This is who I am, who I have always been. You have no right to change now, to want more. This is what we are, this is what we have made.

Let’s just stay here. Shut the world out and maybe if we pretend long enough, I will believe you want to stay and you will believe that there is fuck


Copyright HiraethPhoenix 2014


All the same

Because you said you
Always look at me with
Sunset eyes and
Summer lust
Of new love found
And I believed you
In fairytale trust and
Dreamlike truth
Because I needed you
To be that one
At that time
(And she sees
The same stubborn
Etched different patterns
On your face –
The same stubborn)
Because you said you would
And now say you can’t
And you, not first,
This place familiar
(And she cries,
The same tears
Streaked different patterns
On her soul –
The same tears)
And it is
All the same

Copyright Hiraeth 2014