And one day
You will no longer deny
Your shadow self, always lurking,
Always reaching to the past, the
The what-coulds,
The only-ifs,
The you-should-have-been-more(s).
You will stare it down,
From toe to top
And challenge it,
I know you,
I have overcome,
I know you,
The past is done.

Copyright Hiraeth 2015



This might hurt a little, tear a little;
But break it all down,
Shatter it to pieces, until it is all lying on the floor,
What once was you.
And then when the anger has dissipated, your self hatred subsided, tears dried and truth laid bare, recorded,
Own it;
Release it;
Burn it to the ground.
(What was born in flames,
Should end in flames).

Copyright Hiraeth 2014