All I needed



Bury her soul

Teach her that her sensitive, sensory
Soul is a gift to this world,
That the world needs more deep thinkers,
Deep feelers who experience life intensely:
All senses tuned.
Teach her that fitting in is not a requirement
And the bully at school will fade into obscurity,
(mine ended on a chicken farm,
I hope those chickens are celibate)
That some of the most precious angels sit quietly
On the outside and observe,
There is beauty in songs of silence
And a place for everyone to have wings and fly.
Teach her to channel her inner world,
Introduce her to art, poetry, music, photography,
A way to capture and interpret her experience,
And protect her when the world constantly
Questions whether she is depressed, labels her
(they should be more concerned
about the ones who do not express their darkness)
And teach her that the right man
Is the one that one day sees beauty in her depth,
Her curly sue locks, every freckle, mole
And would never, ever ask her to bury her soul.

Copyright Hiraeth 2015
PAD Challenge Day 30
Bury the … poem