All the moments

I will love you
In all the moments,
Even those
Inbetween, the ones
Where my own fears
Reside and shame
Stands accusing,
You have been
Here before
And drenched in
Fight or flight mode
My inner child screams
Burn before
You get burnt;
Even in those,
I will nurture my
and love you
In all these moments,
Because you gave
My inner child
A home.

Copyright Hiraeth 2017


All the moments

I want you to love me
In my proudest moments,
The ones where I surprise
Even myself
At the goals I have realised
But more than that:
I need you to love me
In my weakest ones,
The ones where I stand
Drenched in destruction,
Depression, disappointment,
Sinking in a shallow pit
Of who I am not,
With my heart bleeding
At its seams,
Hold who I am
While I reconstruct my

Copyright Hiraeth 2015
PAD Challenge 2015 Day 24:
For today’s prompt, write a moment poem. The moment can be a big moment or small moment; it can be a good moment or horrible moment; it can affect thousands or matter to just one person. Some moments happen in crowded rooms; some happen in the most quiet of spaces. Find yours and write a poem.

All ways there

You are always there
Weaved in the words,
Nailed to my heart.
Our love may have ended,
Our journey done,
You are always there
Caught in moments, memories,
Magic from a time scattered
Through punctuation marks,
Delving in paragraphs.
You are always there
In my dreams late at night,
When stars dance and the moon
Frowns, your smile etched forever
In the skylit planets of
My soul.
I wish I could tell,
I wish you would know,
That despite time passed:
Immortal here, in my words
You are always there.

Copyright Hiraeth 2014