The lies we tell



Half of honesty

The ones we tell ourselves
When we are not brave enough,
Weak enough to face the unedited,
Re-cropped, unfiltered version.
They are the ones you speak
With a knot in your stomach,
The ones that keep you
Stuck in the same place
For too long,
Making the same mistake
Over and over again,
(It is his fault, I am faultless –
If only I love him, he will change –
Absolute lie)
So be weak enough,
To be brave enough
To tell the

Copyright Hiraeth 2015
PAD Challenge Day 14:
Today is our second “Two for Tuesday” prompt(s), and here are your options:
Write an honest poem. Or…
Write a dishonest poem.

The lies we tell

And this is what we tell
Ourselves to disguise the truth,
Make it more palatable, easier to digest, explain:
We grew apart, we consciously uncoupled, she had an affair, we fell out of love, he stole my wife, she has no moral code.
We tell it until it sounds believable, we practice the tone to make it sound truthful.
We tell everyone willing to listen, we feel we need to explain, to justify this unexpected end
(No one saw it coming –
It is a complete surprise)
We declare it off the rooftops.
And it is all lies.
The truth is simpler, involving only us:
We drowned in our neglect.

Copyright Hiraeth 2014