Keep swimming

His name is Nemo. He is a telescopic goldfish with black and gold spots. His demeanour captured my attention right away. Acrobatic in his moves, but by far not the most elegant fish, his round belly adds to his strange shape. But anything he lacks in his athletic ability, he makes up for with his determination.

I realised three days in that he has swim bladder disorder and as a result struggles to swim properly at times, sometimes being disorientated. I researched all the treatments, and between salt baths, feeding him peas and fasting (yes, don’t say it – I think I have given up on saving people, fish on the other hand…) he is managing to be settled among four other fish.

Someone told me that fish bring serenity in your life and I wholeheartedly agree.
Except there is more:
Little Nemo reminds me every day that life is not easy, that there are unavoidable battles, you may lose direction and float belly-up for a few hours, but you never, ever float to the top for permanent stay.
Keep swimming.
Like Nemo.

Copyright Hiraeth 2016


A guarded part

There is always a part, just
To the left, above the ventricle
That leads to the heart,
Where inspirations flows, dreams
Take form, where memories dance
And longing grows;
Where darkness tempts to dwell,
Come to drink, my love, here,
Here is my wishing well.
Yes, there is that part, just
To the left, above the ventricle
That leads to the heart,
And I guard it, it will not be revealed,
A consequence of you:
The door is dead bolt sealed.

Copyright Hiraeth 2015
PAD Challenge 2015 Day 1:
For today’s prompt, write a resistance poem. There are many forms of resistance, including militant resistance, resistance to new ideas, the resistance in exercise, and maybe even a little resistance to starting a new project. I hope you don’t resist the urge to write a poem today.)