Our historic day

10 October 2010 at 10 am:
You lay in a tattoo parlour
Etching pain onto your skin
And admiring the leggy assistant
I stood in court
Nauseated by the simplicity,
Smell –
old wood mixed with stale air –
And pace at which you end
An entire chapter of your life.
Your pain is forever on your skin
Mine is stored in every cell
In every lonely moment
And endings always smell
Old wood and stale air.

Copyright Hiraeth 2015


History unexplored

You once drew a map
With directions to my work.
If only you had noticed,
You would have seen
That scribbled on that paper
Was part of my dream.
But you failed to see
And I did not want to say,
Life happened and we went
Each on our way.
Sometimes late at night
I wonder about that history unexplored,
The secret treasures hidden
Behind that bolted door.
Sometimes when I cannot sleep
I dream of you,
And sketch you a map to my heart,
Because it was yours,
You just had to make a start.

Copyright Hiraeth 2015
PAD Challenge Day 22:
For today’s prompt, write a historic poem. It could be a poem about a landmark event, specific battle, an era in time, or whatever you consider a historic happening.