Sunset on the beach and there is a wind blowing slightly offshore. It makes the grains of sand dance around your ankles, it lightly whispers in your ear. It embraces you exactly where you are and plaits your hair in intricate patterns. Every now and then a gust comes through and wipes a tear from the corner of your eye. A tear that needed to be shed, was waiting to be heard. The wind dares not to know the truth, does not ask where you have been, who you have been, but echoes beauty, renewal, always glimpses of sun-kissed youth. It’s in these moments that for me, heaven and earth collide.

Copyright Hiraeth 2015


That jersey

It’s in the quiet moments,┬áthe ones where I watch clouds gather around the mountain, dressing it in a jersey of longing. The ones where the waves fiercely rush to the shore and then retreat in regret. The ones where I watch my children play in an world where happy endings exist into infinity, there is no question how the story ends. In these moments I think of you and wish you were here, wish I could hear your voice. But I know you would have me comfortably wearing that jersey, over-sized and slightly frayed, dancing barefoot on the beach in complete faith: one day there is a happy ending in which we reunite and it stretches to infinity.

Copyright Hiraeth 2015