Sea Of Self

I will run along the beach
To find you,
Waves caressing my ankles:
Teasing me, beckoning me
To be free,
To find you,
To touch your sacred soul.
As I breathe, I empty
All fear and reach a rhythm:
Until I see you,
Until we meet,
Until I have words for you.
In the sea of your eyes
I lose myself,
Find my self,
Learn to love
My self.
I will run along the beach
To find you,
Waves caressing my ankles
Teasing me,
To be free,
To find you,
To touch you.

Copyright Hiraeth 2015


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Heart set free

“For such a long time I blamed you for not fighting for me, for us, for not giving me the movie ending where you rush to meet me on the beach at sunset and poetically declare your undying love in sonnet form (or burst into ballad with your guitar). Except today, today while I watered my Frangupanis and looked at the mountain and smelt the sea air, I realised your actions may have spoken of a much deeper love: the kind that sets a restless soul free to find its wings (and soar).” – copyright HiraethPhoenix 2015

Hearts fly free

When the truth becomes
a burden to carry and you have no words, I’ll carry it for you.

I’ll write it, poetically or simply as you please, I’ll cover it in metaphor or doll it up with rhyme.

When your own judgement and regret keep you stuck,
Stationery for too long,
I’ll whisper it in punctuation, reveal it in indentation, I’ll carry it to you.

I’ll stand and shout in punctuation marks, until you see and I believe, that the heart has it’s own agenda, and always,
it flies free.

Copyright Hiraeth 2014