That tomato

It was lunch time,
Family chatter inbetween the
Sounds of dishing food.
You were talking animatedly,
I was wondering who you are.
And the more you spoke,
The more I focussed on a fly
Sitting on the tomato on your plate.
A determined nuisance;
You would shoo it and it would
Fly back and sit
on the very same tomato.
And I wondered,
Why that one? Why your plate?
And to this day, when I think of
The end of us,
I think of that fly,
On that tomato,
On that day.

Copyright Hiraeth 2015
PAD Challenge 2015 Day 5:
For today’s prompt, write a vegetable poem. I once wrote a poem titled “Tomatoes,” and that would count. If you want to write a poem about a specific vegetable, go for it. If you want to write a poem that just has a vegetable mixed in somewhere, go for it. If you want to praise or curse vegetables, go for it. If you want to play with the idea of vegetables, including a vegetable mental state, couch “potato,” and so on–well, you know, go for it.



My heart flies late at night,
always starting in the past
in what could have been,
should have been,
it passes through the moments
of bliss and beauty and turns
at reality;
it steps through the moments
you were mine and the many more
I wished you were,
it flies amongst the pieces,
tears of what was us
and it stands brave because
the sun awakes and makes it way
to a new day
(and there is always
a new day)

Copyright Hiraeth 2015

Hearts fly free

When the truth becomes
a burden to carry and you have no words, I’ll carry it for you.

I’ll write it, poetically or simply as you please, I’ll cover it in metaphor or doll it up with rhyme.

When your own judgement and regret keep you stuck,
Stationery for too long,
I’ll whisper it in punctuation, reveal it in indentation, I’ll carry it to you.

I’ll stand and shout in punctuation marks, until you see and I believe, that the heart has it’s own agenda, and always,
it flies free.

Copyright Hiraeth 2014