Flicker flame

I always thought of myself as a lightbulb, lighting up for you. I think it was obvious to everyone. The mere sight of you would start my cheeks glowing and soon my smile would be so big that too much of my teeth would show. I lit up for you.

For a while the energy sustained us, burned to keep us alive, afloat. And then one day, I started questioning the fairness of one flame.
And I put that fucking flame to death.

Copyright Hiraeth 2014


One Flame

I have seen the bottom
Of my soul,
The darkness etched within,
I have explored it, indulged it, tempted it and called it out:
And own it.
By acknowledging it
I dragged it
The light
And what I realised is
That even one flicker
Ember flame
Is enough to reignite a
Weary wanderer soul.

Copyright Hiraeth 2014