Every now and then two stars
Collide, crash into each other.
It’s unexpected, and intense,
Unseen forces that unite
For just an instant.
Always the crash reveals
Aspects of yourself you never knew.
Sometimes it results in one atomic mass, other times new halves separate.
I don’t think it matters which it is,
(as hard as it may be)
If you hold your hand out to the moon
And it shuns you,
At least you fall amongst the stars.

Copyright Hiraeth 2014


Find me

There is a river of emotion,
Emotion flowing,
Sometimes turbulent,
Sometimes gently ebbing back
and forth.
There is intensity;
Intensity I turn into words,
Words Flowing,
Sometimes angry,
Sometimes gently swaying back
And forth,
Line by line,
Caressing the edges of the
Moments I recorded:
Second for second;
Tear for tear;
Word for word;
Edged into my soul.
And where it all collides,
That is where you will

Copyright Hiraeth 2014